The True Incident of Tiger Zinda Hai – Story Leaked

Tiger Zinda Hai starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif Produced under banner Yashraj Films and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar released the trailer a few hours ago. The trailer shows Salman Khan in some death-defying stunts and looks perfect in every frame of the trailer. It has also shown Katrina performing few stunts. This movie filled with action is all set to release on 22nd of December. However, this movie is based on a true incident.

The trailer of Tiger Zinda hai shows that 25 Indian nurses were abducted and Salman Khan aka tiger is on a mission to save the nurses. The incident happened way back in 2013-2014. During this period several nurses from Kerala were working in a hospital in Iraq. Even though the Iraq was a war-prone area at that time, these nurses were ready to work over there was a meager salary in India. High salary and foreign land expecting a good salary was the reason that they were ready to work in that area.

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Around August of 2013, the nurses came to know that they were life bound to the hospital. According to one of the nurses,  they were never allowed to go outside. The only place they were familiar was the skyline that they saw from there room. There used to be six nurses in a room.

The hospital was attacked by ISIS member on June 12 of 2014 and they (nurses) heard the gunfire. The members finally succeeded in entering the hospital in June end – early July of 2014. By July 3 they removed all the nurses from the building and blew the hospital building. They were then moved to a confined place.

It took a long negotiation between the Indian government and Saudi government to set free all the nurses. Reports say that none of the nurses were harmed. Tiger Zinda hai is the dramatic version of this incident between June – July of 2014.

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