Why SAAHO’S Director is WORRIED about Rebel star PRABHAS?

We have seen Rebel star Prabhas performing many charismatic stunts in both the parts of Bahubali. The most liked stunt by the audience was Prabhas aka Shivudu climbing the waterfall. This stunt was performed by himself without using a body double. This scene had the most amazing Computer Graphic Interface (CGI). So, we all understood that Prabhas likes to perform stunts on his own without the body double.

In the same way, he has performed many other stunts in both the parts of Bahubali. This shows that the rebel star Prabhas is fearless and a hard-working actor. But, the most worried person over here are the directors of the movies. The directors are getting the worst nightmare by this act of Prabhas.

Saaho, Saaho Director, Bahubali stunt, Prabhas, Sujeeth

The fearless Prabhas is working on his next mega project Saaho under UV Creation banner directed by Sujeeth. One of the famous actresses of Bollywood, Shraddha Kapoor is the lead actress. The genre of this mega project is an action thriller. Hence, there will be a lot of action scenes in this movie.

Saaho, Saaho Director, Bahubali stunt, Prabhas, Sujeeth

Reason for Director worried about Prabhas:

Sujeeth who is the director for Saaho has asked Prabhas to use the body double for his stunt scenes. But Prabhas has completely refused for this. According to recent reports by Sujeeth, he asked Prabhas to at least use the stunt mans for death-defying scenes. But, Prabhas has completely said no to both the body double and stunt mans. He said he is going to perform all the stunts by his own. According to recent portals, Prabhas has shot an underwater scene for Saaho by undergoing scuba diving course. Director Sujeeth is worried by this decision of Prabhas. As said he performed this without using the body double or stunt mans. This decision taken by Prabhas is making the director worried.

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